Good chopping board, make cooking full of fun this 2 chopping block which one is you most like it
30 July 04

Kitchen bamboo cutting board

Nanzhu carbonized cutting board is carbonized by high temperature and pressure of special technology, more durable after carbonization, not very easy moldy; cut vegetables, cut meat, cut bones, rolling surface are easy to use, but also can be used to do bread, rolling surface are also very easy to use,Chopping board area, can be cut into the pot directly into the pot. With a beautiful handle, can be hung storage, save space, refuse dust and bring health to your family.

bamboo cutting board.jpg

bamboo cutting board 1.jpg

Beech wood rolling board

Featured beech wood, processed through multiple processes, with high hardness, shear resistance, not easy to leave marks, filling the texture. Large size can be safely at your fingertips, easily roll dumplings dumplings chop meat, with a practical scraper, can be used to cut dough, can also be used for scraping flour, beautiful and practical.

beech wood cutting board.jpgbeech wood cutting board.webp.jpg