Good cutting board no wood chips.
30 July 04

In the home life, most people have this feeling. After using the cutting board for a period of time, the wood chips will stick to the food, and the nausea and unsanitary. The selection of the cutting board or the fine wood of wood can be achieved by the coffin. .

Beech wood cutting board (9).jpg

The first touch of a good cutting board is the most important. We want to make the knife have a cut-in when we cut the vegetables. However, what we want is just the right cut-in feeling. The home does not cut into the knife. Feeling, too hard, uncomfortable feeling, uncomfortable in my heart, may even hurt the knife; too soft, when cutting vegetables, the cutting board eats the knife, the cutting board itself will also leave the knife marks of the bacteria, not worth the candle. The eucalyptus board is solid and durable, and the cutter is flexible.