Green bamboo fiber, what are bamboo fiber?
30 July 04

Bamboo fiber is an environment-friendly product, and has high environmental protection performance. Bamboo fibers are not only towels, bedding but also underwear, and are now sent to the environmental protection bag of bamboo fiber.


Recently, the staff showed a reporter a green bag which made out of bamboo fiber spineless. It is describe that that environmentally-friendly bags made of bamboo fib materials are more portable and environment-friendly than ordinary cloth.

The development of the ecological environment protection type fabrics has been greatly favored by domestic and abroad customers, such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber.


With the increasing emphasis on eco-environmental products, bamboo's high-tech development and reengineering of resources are in line with the consumption concept of the mall, which is also in line with the global environmental protection requirements. In hunan, the nanzhu industrial chain is the trend to adapt to the market, and become a heavy weight in the regional development. With the strong support from the government, the company has made great efforts to seek new changes in the fierce competition of the mall, seeking to distinguish the central competition in the competition. This is the characteristic of the wood and spear, and also the characteristic of bamboo.


Following the concept of green, environmental protection is more and more deep into life, bamboo fiber products market need is rising year by year, all kinds of intrusive brand gradually increased, but its quality is also beginning the good and bad are intermingled; As the leader of bamboo fiber industry, to ensure the healthy development of bamboo fiber profession.

Bamboo fiber is a kind of fiber extracted from bamboo. It has high environmental performance and is deeply loved by consumers.