30 July 04


How to take care of wooden spoon

1. Wash properly. The wooden spoon should not be soaked in water for more than a few minutes. To properly clean the wooden spoon, use hot soapy water, rinse it, and towel dry immediately. Drying the wooden spoons will put them in contact with water for too long.

2. Occasionally resurface. If your spoon is rough and fuzzy, use 320# sandpaper or a brand new steel wool pad to renovate. Wipe along the grain until the surface is completely smooth, then rinse with water and wipe immediately with a towel.

3. Treat them. Oiled wood spoons moisturize the wood and provide a protective barrier. Obviously, you want to use non-toxic oils. Many people use mineral oil, but almonds, walnuts, and coconut oil can also be used. It is important to thoroughly soak the wood with oil and allow it to soak overnight, then wipe off the excess. When your spoon starts to look dry, repeat this and you will keep the wood absorbing food stains and odors.

4. Maintenance. How often you need to do these steps depends on how often you use wooden spoons and utensils. I will give me fuel every week or so, and my wooden chopping board. You will know that it is time for wood to lose light.

Taking a few minutes to care for your wooden spoon means that you don't have to change them often, plus they'll be more hygienic and look better on the counter shelf.