History of bamboo in China
30 July 04

Overseas 40 started development of bamboo plywood, bamboo fiber sheets and panels production line were being built, and bamboo stays on traditional projects, technological backwardness, monotonous.

Nearly 10 years, States and the Governments at all levels to strengthen bamboo industry production funding, management and science and technology promotion, bamboo wood industries springing up in China.

Bamboo wood. Mainly large quantities of bamboo-based panel, instead of the wooden board, main products are: bamboo plywood and bamboo layer active, bamboo cutting board, decorative veneer panels, bamboo parquet flooring, bamboo-wood composite Board, Zhu Mie laminate, bamboo particle board, bamboo WA Luo and bamboo fibreboard, particle board, bamboo and so on. Bamboo-based panel fine texture, not easy to crack, deformation, compression, tensile, bending, and other advantages, the performance indicators are higher than commonly used timber.

According to incomplete statistics, in Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan and other bamboo resource-rich provinces in the South, hundreds of bamboo-based panel enterprises have been established, annual production of more than 50,000 m3, equivalent to annual savings of 150,000 m timber. At present, bamboo-based panel in China have been widely used in construction, packaging, furniture, transportation, and other industries.