How Do I Clean a Wooden Salad Bowl?
30 July 04


According to New Hampshire bowls and boards, wooden bowls are not dishwasher safe. Fortunately, using a drop of detergent, some water and a clean towel, you can easily clean the wooden salad bowl in minutes.

Remove food debris

Use a paper towel or dry towel to remove any food residue from the bowl surface. Avoid removing salad oil and other flavorings in the bowl during the cleanup as it will make cleaning the wood more difficult.

Wash bowl with soap and water

Put a small amount of liquid detergent in the center of a clean damp cloth. Turn on the faucet and adjust the water temperature until the temperature is not high. Thoroughly wet the wooden salad bowl and wipe the soap on the surface of the bowl to remove any residue from the bowl surface. Completely bubbling the entire bowl.

Wash bowl

Rinse soap bubbles with running water and check bowl cleanliness. If residue or debris remains, repeat the cleaning process.

Dry bowl

Use a clean, lint-free cloth to dry the bowl. Remove as much moisture as possible to prevent the wood from swelling when it is dry.