How To Clean A Wood Salad Bowl
30 July 04

Learn how to use these simple tips to clean the wooden salad bowl. Clean, re-grind, and remove viscous deposits from the wooden salad bowl. They will look like new again!


When we grow up, we go out for pizza every Friday night. We will get pizza, bread sticks, and my mother often eats salad. At the time, I was not a big fan of salads, but I always thought it was very cool. They served as salads in wooden bowls. Even so, until today, when I saw a wooden bowl, I thought of a noble Roman pizza.

A few years ago, when I prepared a set of wooden salad bowls for Christmas, I was very excited. It is equipped with a huge fork and spoon to serve salad and is very interesting to use. If you have a wooden salad bowl, you will know that one of their shortcomings is to take care of them. Unlike ordinary plates or bowls, you can't put them in the dishwasher or even wash them by hand and let them drip dry. Wooden salad bowls need extra care to keep them beautiful. Take a look at how to clean up the wooden salad bowl and keep your salad bowl from sticky builds that look like new.

Most wooden bowls today are pre-flavored. You don't need to do anything special before using them. When you wash them with a little dawn soap, water, and a sponge, they are finished using them. Dawn Soap will help clean up any oil in the salad dressing that may cause the bowl to accumulate. When you have finished washing, rinse with warm water and dry quickly. To avoid cracks, do not allow bowls to sit and use water, and make sure to dry them by hand and do not air dry.

Even with the best care, your bowl may get some stickiness from the oil and residue on them. To remove any sticky residue, you can heat the bowl to loosen viscous deposits. Heat the oven to about 235-250 degrees. Then turn off the oven and place the baking tray on the baking tray. The residue will begin to loosen, you can wipe it clean. Depending on how much residue you have, it will take a few minutes to an hour to relax. Just keep checking it and wipe what you can clear.

Once you remove all the residue from the wooden bowl, you can take it out of the oven and let it cool down.

To re-make or flavor a wooden salad bowl, you need to apply a food-grade mineral oil. Do not use olive oil or vegetable oil. Over time, they tend to rot and will make your bowl smell. Use a paper towel or old rag to put mineral oil into the bowl. Allow the bowl to sit for about 20-30 minutes so that it can absorb mineral oil and wipe off any excess. Your bowl will now be ready to use again.

All here is it's. It's just easy to clean up and take care of your wooden salad bowl. Use these simple tips on how to clean the wooden salad bowl to make them look good.