How To Clean A Wooden Cutting Board With Salt
30 July 04

As we are cutting, slicing and preparing delicious food, our cutting boards are full of strength in the summer. It is well known that cleaning and disinfecting chopping boards is very important to avoid the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, unlike plastic chopping boards, wooden ones cannot be washed in dishwashers because high temperatures can damage the wood. Fortunately, we already know how to clean and disinfect the wooden cutting board with some salt and lemon!


First, run the cutting board under warm water. Then, coarse salt is sprinkled on the entire surface of the paperboard. Next, pour half of the lemon juice into the circuit board. Use a small brush to process salt and lemon into cardboard. This will help get rid of any residual food and disinfect the board. Then, run the cutting board under hot water to rinse the salt and lemon solution. Finally, let the board dry vertically.