How about a solid wood tea tray and bamboo tea tray? Which is better!
30 July 04

At present, there are too many bamboo tea trays on the market, but you want to buy a good bamboo tea tray. It is recommended to buy brown bamboo, brown bamboo material is good, not easily deformed, high temperature and no cracking, and the bamboo tray made out of the tray pattern is very Good-looking, compared to some of the ordinary bamboo market, the advantage of buying bamboo tea tray is mainly because of the characteristics of bamboo like texture, but bamboo easy to crack, so choose a good bamboo tea tray is very important.


Wood tea tray surface can generally see the real texture of wood, simple, steady, no law, occasional tree surface also reflects the fresh and natural material. Science and technology wood tea tray is a kind of all-wood new decorative material produced by ordinary wood (fast-growing material) as raw material, using bionics principle, and various modified physical treatment of ordinary wood and fast-growing material. Technology Wood Texture Technology Wood products are computer-designed, with beautiful colors and regular textures that are not available in natural wood. There are no inherent characteristics of natural wood such as wormholes, knots, and discoloration.