How can I prevent hardwood cutting boards cracking?
30 July 04


If the cutting board takes a long time, it will be easy to crack. How to solve the hardwood cutting board in the kitchen does not crack it? Let's let you know about the cutting board wholesale.

To prevent cracking of hardwood cutting boards, immediately after the purchase of new hardwood cutting boards, apply cooking oil. The practice is: on the hardwood cutting board painted on both sides and around the edible oil until the oil is dry and then painted, painted three or four times. Hardwood cutting around the board is easy to crack, you can repeatedly paint several times, oil can be used after drying. After this treatment, hardwood cutting boards are less prone to cracks.

Because the oil has strong penetration and is not volatile, it can moisten the wood for a long time and prevent the hardwood cutting board from bursting. Oiled and antiseptic, hardwood cutting boards are also durable.