How do I Prevent Mold on a Wood Drying Rack?
30 July 04


Bamboo drying racks should be wiped after putting the utensils to help inhibit mold growth.

The mold has the potential to form moisture, including on a seemingly harmless wood drying rack. Whether it is used to dry dishes or clothes, the key to anti-mildew lies in controlling the amount of moisture that remains on the wood. This is facilitated by proper air circulation and drying the rack as quickly as possible.

Preventive technology

Many types of wood are porous, which means that wood retains more moisture than you realize. When filling shelves, try to separate the space objects to encourage air flow and prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood. Encourage rapid drying with an oscillating fan. Wipe the water immediately from the accessible parts of the wood, including water puddles on the counter or mat. After removing the dry dishes or clothing, wipe the entire rack with a clean, dry cloth. The EPA recommends controlling indoor mold growth by reducing the humidity to 30% to 60% through the use of vents, air conditioning, exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers.