How do we handle mould bamboo cutting board ?
30 July 04

The hot summer is wet with the air, and the board is very easy to mold, so every time you use the board, you wipe it off, and you put it in the air to dry out. If the contact surface is not well ventilated, then the cutting board is prone to mildew and causes blackening. So we can put the bamboo chopping board in a bowl like a bowl, with a small contact surface but also support the chopping block. So the cutting board won't get moldy.


The best way to remove the mildew point of bamboo chopsticks is to use the stainless steel cleaning wire used in the cleaning pot bowl to rub a few times in the place where there is mildew point, and to use sandpaper. But with mildew on the block, if it's shallow mildew can use the above method, but if because the wooden cutting board plane in permeable mold is too bad a layer under the plane. Remove the mildew point of the chopsticks and the cutting board should be used with water. Washing with water or cooking will reduce the mold, but it will not completely remove the mildew point, and it will be very effective to wash it with salt water.


If the board has born old mould, cutting board can be placed in the water that clean out rice or scour scrub, then wash clean, dry it in ventilated place, but don't put wet cutting board insolate below sunshine, to prevent the deformation, and affect the use.


Of course, there are a few tricks to keep the chopping block out of the mold:

Washing and ironing, using hard brush and clean water to brush the board, the germs can be reduced by a third, if you use boiling water again, the remaining germs are very few; After each use of the board, scrape the residue on the board and keep the salt on the board every week. Ultraviolet disinfection, put the board in the sun for more than 30 minutes (this kind of way should pay special attention, because excessive exposure can make the cutting board craze); Chemical disinfection, one kilogram of water added to the new jal quench 50 ml soak board for about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.