How long is the service life of bamboo cutlery?
30 July 04

As bamboo and wooden cutlery are more and more popular and more and more popular among families, there are more and more problems surrounding bamboo and wooden utensils. For example, in recent days, many netizens have been consulting online about the service life of bamboo cutlery. For this issue, bamboo wood utensils manufacturers made a detailed answer.


The service life of bamboo cutlery is six months to one year. Household chopsticks are best disinfected once a week. After cleaning, chopsticks are boiled for 30 minutes or microwaved for 2-3 minutes. Once the chopsticks are cracked, deformed, and discolored, they should no longer be used. The selection of natural bamboo cutlery is non-toxic and well-received by consumers. However, such chopsticks simply multiply bacteria. If you do not pay attention to disinfection, you can cause intestinal diseases.

Everything has a shelf life, especially chopsticks, spoons and other utensils. Contact with our mouth directly will bring the disease into our body, and we must pay more attention to health and hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers spend three months replacing chopsticks, and do not use chopsticks full of bacteria in order to save money.