How to Clean Woodwork 1-Using Commercial Cleaner
30 July 04

Using Commercial Cleaner

How to Clean Woodwork 1-Using Commercial Cleaner


Remove wood products. Use a dust cloth, dust collector, or hose attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove wood chips to remove dust. Food to ensure the direction of dust. Dust removal before cleaning ensures that dust is removed during cleaning, not steering. 

You can use any type of cloth for cleaning, but microfiber cloths are best to catch dust.

How to Clean Woodwork 1-Using Commercial Cleaner


Choose a cleaner. There are a large number of cleaners on the market dedicated to cleaning wood products and/or other household items. You may choose to buy cleaners instead of cleaners to ensure that wood is not damaged by the wrong type of cleaner. You can choose sprays or liquid cleaners.

Several well-known wood cleaning products are magic cabinets and wood cleaners, Murphy's oil soaps and methods for multi-purpose sprays.

You can buy cleaners in your home shop or in most supermarkets.

How to Clean Woodwork 1-Using Commercial Cleaner


Put the cleaner on the cloth. You can spray or put detergent on the cloth. If sprays are used, the solution can also be sprayed directly onto the wooden surface. You should only use a few drops or a few drops of solution, but you should check the instructions on the bottle just in case. 

You can use cloth, microfiber cloth, sponges, paper towels or rags.

Although cleaners should be fine, be sure to test at a small spot on the woodwork.


Clean wood products. Once you put a detergent on a cloth or surface, you can gently wipe it on the wood. Rub it onto the woodwork with a small circular movement. Make sure to cover every surface, edge or crack of the woodwork. If you run out of cleaning, use a cleaner. Stop when you are satisfied with the result. 

If you are cleaning cabinets or doors, do not forget to clean the sides that are not in front of you.

If you are concerned about skin irritation, wear cotton or rubber gloves when cleaning.


If necessary, take the toothbrush back. If there are any remaining small spots or accumulations, you can use a toothbrush to clean, or dilute the soap with water to scrub the spots. Scrub until there are no remaining spots, then wipe the surface again with a cloth. Let the surface dry. 

There is no need to clean the surface with water once the detergent is used.

Wood products should only take a few minutes to dry.