How to Clean a Bamboo Dish Drying Rack?- Additional Tips and Ideas
30 July 04


Additional Tips and Ideas

If mold/mold has problems with your dish rack, use the mold removal method described above to clean it once a week to avoid return of mold.

If you put a towel under a rack, change it at least once a day to prevent mildew. It is best to hang it after each use so that it is completely dry.

If your dish rack does not have a tray, place a biscuit under it to make it drip. Cookies will dry much faster than towels and will prevent mildew.

If there is excess water remaining in the tray after the tray is dry, set the tray aside and pour it out or dry it with a paper towel to prevent mildew.

When you need to exit your dish rack, consider using it in a cabinet to organize trays, pot lids or other items that can be stacked.

Do racks take up too much space on your counter? If you have a cabinet on your sink (or you can install one), cut off the bottom and install the dish rack inside. The dish can be dripped into the sink and there will be more space available.