How to Clean a Bamboo Dish Drying Rack?- Regular Cleaning
30 July 04

Dish racks often bring feelings of love and hate. We love them because they keep our dishes upright, letting them dry quickly, with the smallest spots. However, they collect water in the tray and need to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and mucus from developing at the bottom. There are many kinds of dishes to choose from: wood, plastic, vinyl cover, and even metal. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Although one thing is certain, no matter what material your dish rack is made of, it needs regular cleaning to keep it moldy and mold-proof.


Table of Contents:

*Regular Cleaning

*Removing Mildew

*Removing Limescale

*Removing Rust

*Additional Tips and Ideas

Regular cleaning

Dish racks may become dirty due to grease in the kitchen air, regular household dust, and dirt located in busy areas of the kitchen. Some food particles that may be missing during the cleaning process may also enter the rack, so it is advisable to clean regularly to ensure that the cleaning tray is ready.

You will need:

Dish liquid


Frosted brush

White vinegar (optional)

a clean towel

Steps to clean the dish rack:

Separate the rack as much as possible. Sometimes the tray can be removed from the tray or the silverware container can be removed.

Use a dish of liquid to separate each piece of clothing into a sink. Be sure to scrub each part thoroughly. Scrubbing brush helps to access all the grooves.

Rinse dish racks.

For extra cleaning, fill the side of the sink with enough water to cover the dish rack parts and add 1 cup of white vinegar.

Rinse the rack and rinse it with water.

Dry the rack with a clean kitchen towel. Do not use kitchen towels that have been used before. It is best to avoid using paper towels as they may store the fluff on the rack. Do not let the air in the rack dry because moisture may be blocked by the moisture below it and may cause mildew.