How to Make a Wooden Cutting Board
30 July 04

bamboo cutting board with plate.png

How to Make a Wooden Cutting Board. Making a wooden cutting board is possible for anyone who is able to do simple woodworking projects. Keep your kitchen counters safe from that sharp knife-make your own wooden cutting board today.

Select the wood stock for your cutting board, preferably a hardwood. You want pieces that don't have knots or other defects that make your cutting board unsightly.

Cut 16 strips from the wood stock 1 inch wide and to whatever length you wish, depending on how big of a cutting board you want. Make them a bit longer than your desired length; you can cut them to the proper length later.

Glue strips together to form the surface of the cutting board. Attach bar clamps, and let dry overnight. After removing bar clamps, sand top and bottom smooth with a belt sander. Start with 80-grit sandpaper, then 120-grit and finish with 220-grit.

Use a table saw to cut the block to the desired length. Run a router around the top edge of the cutting board to make a smooth, round edge. Sand entire wooden block in the same manner as before, working your way to a finer and finer grit sandpaper.

Apply a coat of oil evenly over the cutting board with a clean rag, going in the direction of the grain. Make the coat thick enough that it soaks into the wood.

Buff the surface lightly with steel wool, if desired. Buffing can make the next coat of oil soak in better.

Put another coat of oil on your cutting board to finish it.