How to Properly Clean Your Bamboo Cutting Board
30 July 04


I headed to my neighborhood butcher one night right before they closed and caught the butcher cleaning his butcher block. I sat and listened to his wisdom about this ancient process of cleaning the nice bamboo and wood cutting boards.  This is super cheap and you most likely have all the ingredients in your home.

The salt gets into any of those chop marks in the wood where bacteria gets trapped, and the lemon and salt both have antibacterial properties. For me, this is now a biweekly ritual. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, with friends. If you have a plastic chopping block, do your own help and rubbish, and invest in a nice wood or bamboo, which is better worn at the edges of the knife. Your knife will thank you!

What will you need:



mineral oil

soap bar


Unnamed 4

How to clean your cutting board:

Step 1: Clean your wooden chopping block with soap and water and let the air dry for a while. When the board is still wet, you will want to do this process.

Step 2: Sprinkle a glass of salt, slice the lemon slices, and turn the citrus face down

Step 3: Scrubbing with lemon as scrubbing device

Step 4: Scrub more

Step 5: Scrub corners and edges

Step 6: Sprinkle another 1/2 cup of salt and spread evenly

Step 7: Overnight or at least 2 hours; this allows the lemon and salt to penetrate the wood and thoroughly clean it.

Step 8: Pour the salt into Tupperware using the back of the spatula (you can reuse this salt until it is no longer white)

Step 9: Take a wet clean cloth to remove excess residue

Step 10: Make sure that your board is dry and pour mineral oil on the boat and apply it to the entire board so that the oil sinks in as long as possible (I like to sit it down overnight); this keeps the wood water

Your meat can now be used!