How to Refinish Wood Salad Bowls
30 July 04


The wooden salad bowl is the ideal natural food for your green. It also enhances the appetizing color of lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and other raw vegetables. However, this is true only if your bowl is completed successfully and there is no debris or peeling varnish that could contaminate your meal. When you need to repair a wooden salad bowl, you need to carefully remove the old paint thoroughly and then seal the wood with food-safe oil.


#00 Steel wool wipes lightly and firmly in the bowl. When removing the previous topcoat, pay special attention to smoothing out any irregularities. Once the interior of the bowl is completed, continue the process on the outside and edges of the bowl.


Wipe the inside and outside of the bowl with a clean, lint-free cotton cloth. Then use #0000 steel wool to smooth the inside and outside of the bowl.


Use a sticky cloth on the canvas to clean the inside and the outside of the bowl and remove any residual dust generated using steel wool.


Place a clean cloth on the work surface - such as a folded heavy plastic garbage bag.


Slide on a pair of rubber gloves. Pour a lot of food grade walnut oil onto a clean, lint-free cloth. Food grade walnut oil can be obtained at grocery stores, health food stores and many woodworking shops.


Put the bowl upside down on the drip cloth. Wipe the oil-soaked cloth to the outside of the salad bowl - all the way to the edge - until the wood is completely wetted with oil. Throughout the step, continue to saturate the walnut oil as needed. Allow two hours to draw oil into the surface and let the wood feel dry.


Turn the bowl up on the right side. Use a walnut oil to fill the rag, then rub the oil into the bowl and rub it onto the rim. Refuel as needed.


Let the bowl dry thoroughly for 24 hours, then repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 and apply a second layer of walnut oil.


Allow the bowl to dry for 24 hours before use. Once dried, the walnut oil hardens without affecting the flavor or aroma of the salad.

What you need

#00 Steel wool

#0000 Steel wool

Clean, lint-free cloth

Painter's Tack Cloth

Plastic gloves

Plastic drip

Food grade walnut oil

Clean lint-free cloth


If you choose to use a third layer of walnut oil, or if the salad bowl shows signs of wear, you can use trimming clothing for maintenance.


Do not use walnut oil if you are allergic to tree nuts.

Make sure the walnut oil spreads evenly and does not collect at the bottom of the bowl during application.