How to Renew Cutting Boards
30 July 04

Your cutting board can avoid scratching your kitchen counter and keep it hygienic. Wooden cutting boards have a variety of wood types that are attractive and unlikely to damage the edge of the knife. However, they can develop trenches with bacteria. Update and then perform regular maintenance Keep your wooden cutting board safe and ready to use.



Place gal1lon warm water and 1/4 cup home bleach into a large kitchen sink. Soak the wooden cutting board in solution for 15 minutes.


Remove the circuit board and place it on a large rag on the counter. Sprinkle a generous layer of salt on the plate. Squeeze the lemon juice on the salted plate and wipe the plate with a toothbrush, paying particular attention to the groove where the knife was cut into the plate.


Rinse the plate thoroughly in hot water to remove salt and lemon juice. Dry the cardboard and set aside for at least 24 hours to dry completely.


Place a fine sand pad on a random track sander. Turn on the sander and sand the entire surface of the board to smooth the finish. When the groove is too deep, the grinder cannot be smooth and the circuit board may need to be replaced.


Thoroughly clean the board to remove sawdust.


A large amount of mineral oil is applied to the wood and treated with both hands. Let the board sit for a day or two and let the oil soak in the woods. Wipe off excess oil and your board is ready to use.

What you need





*Random orbital sander

*mineral oil