How to choose Bamboo wood pepper grinder? - the material of the grinder
30 July 04

Wood: It is a durable choice and it is not easy to break when it falls. However, the biggest problem with wood materials is that it is difficult to clean and disinfect. In this regard, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials will be better. However, the metal feels heavy and will rust unless you use aluminum.

Metal: It will be very durable, but if the user's wrist is not very good, it is better not to choose. Because metal materials are 2-3 times heavier than normal materials, it takes a lot of effort to use them.

Ceramic: Large-granular sea salt can also be used with a grinder, but it is best to use a ceramic material, because the salt will make the metal corrosion. And some sea salt absorbs moisture more easily, making the metal grinder easier to rust. However, the ceramic material is not as strong and durable as stainless steel.

Plastic: It's easy to clean and light, but plastic is easy to break.