How to choose a premium cutting board
30 July 04

The common products of the cutting board are made of bamboo, wood and plastic. We must check the quality when choosing.

However, the qualified bamboo cutting board should be made of natural plants. The material is relatively strong and it is not easy to split the sawdust. The dirt will not fall into the gap easily and it is more convenient to clean it. Bamboo cutting board is easy to dry, will not mold, no other odor, is the best choice. However, the thickness of the bamboo cutting board is not enough, and many of them are spliced and cannot withstand heavy blows. The best thing is to cut vegetables, fruits and the like that are easy to cut. The thickness of the wood cutting board is sufficient, and the toughness is good. It can be used to cut meat and some stiff foods.

rubber wood cutting board (4).jpg

There is a kind of natural rubber wood cutting board made of rubber, which will not bend or crack. When it is used, it will not cut out the wood chips. It is not easy to wet, easy to mold, easy to clean, strong and steady, beautiful and durable. , is a type that can be considered.