How to choose bamboo furniture
30 July 04

Bamboo furniture, light, comfortable, and elegant color, unique shape, there is a simple natural beauty. When buying general check the following points

1.As bamboo furniture mostly by hand tied together, do not strong as steel, wooden furniture structure closely. When buying, please carefully check the degree of tightness is uniform, whether the end of bamboo loose.

2.Observe the surface of bamboo furniture whether is smooth, shiny, the color is consistent, the gap between the bamboo is small, equidistant, with or without cracks, fracture phenomenon.

3.Bamboo furniture is extremely susceptible to insects, buy special attention to whether the traces of insects, such as the discovery of a hole,which impact of bamboo fastness, you can not buy.

4.Prevent bamboo furniture to dry, usually in the surface brush on a layer of varnish, but the negative white blank can not brush varnish, which can keep the bamboo humidity.