How to choose bamboo furniture part one
30 July 04

Bmboo furniture.jpg

Smell the odor

Wood furniture currently on the market, in addition to all solid wood furniture, the majority of wood-based panel components. So when you buy special smell smell. If you make people shed tears, sneezing, indicating that the formaldehyde emission of furniture is relatively high, there may be problems, do not go buy.

Read the report

Consumers to obtain quality inspection reports to the dealer to see whether the formaldehyde emission of furniture within the scope of the standard allowed. National standards, "interior decoration materials, wood furniture, the limit of harmful substances," the formaldehyde emission per wooden furniture should not exceed 1.5 mg per liter, such as the purchase of wood furniture excessive formaldehyde do not buy, it is recommended to buy e1 standard plate production of furniture , Only to reach e1 level standard plate really harmless to the human body.