How to choose chopping board
30 July 04


1. Look color

Good quality chopping board, the appearance of the same color, the middle of  cutting board not have bad knot, wood texture and durable. If the surface have spots or mildew phenomenon, it is not suggest to buy.

2.Look at weight

In general, the thickness of 5 to 6 cm in the cutting board, more heavy the quality more better. Too thin not durable and easy to broke.

3.Look at the size

The size should be moderate, 2 to 3 people choose to buy a diameter of about 28 cm is appropriate; 4 to 5 people can choose about 32 cm.

4.Smell the flavor

Before buying, it is best to first smell the flavor of chopping board, if there is sour taste, it is likely to contain sulfur, do not buy, use it to cut vegetables will pollute the dishes, and will endanger human health。

5.Choose brand

Do not buy small traders in the hands of the "three no" chopping board, there are some small traders, in order to reduce costs, sales of bleached wood cutting board, the color is white, will seriously endanger human health, so to choose regular manufacturers, brand production of cutting board.