How to choose the kitchen cutting board?
30 July 04

The diversity of kitchen utensils often makes people tangled in their choice. Into the supermarket, a variety of sizes of various materials, all kinds of hype, the price is from low to high. Let's talk about cutting boards. What should be noted in addition to health and environmental protection? Let's take a look!


Chopping board purchase

Look at the color: good quality chopping board, the appearance of the same color, the board is not bad rotten knots, solid wood and durable material. If the surface has spots or mildew, it should not be purchased.

Look at the annual rings: The center of the circle is at or near the center of the chopping board. There are many annual rings, and the density is better.

Look at the weight: In general, a cutting board with a thickness of 5 to 6 cm, the heavier the better the quality. Too thin is not only not durable, but also easy to shake when used.

Look at the size: size should be moderate, 2 to 3 people's home to buy a diameter of about 28 cm is appropriate; 4 to 5 people can buy about 32 cm.

Smell smell: Before buying, it is best to smell the smell of the chopping board first. If there is a taste of sour and sour, it is likely to contain sulphur, so don't buy it. Cutting the dish with it will pollute the dishes and endanger human health.

Select brand: Do not buy the “three-nothing” chopping block in the hands of small traders. There are some small traders. In order to reduce costs, sales of bleached wood chopping boards, the color is white, will seriously endanger human health, so we must choose the regular manufacturers, brand production Chopping board.