How to clean bamboo keyboard?
30 July 04

Bamboo keyboard now many people prefer to buy, but have found a problem, time grew, bamboo keyboard cleaning, please look down, bamboo keyboard cleaning method.


The first step is to separate the bamboo keyboard from the host, facing the ground and tapping it gently on the back. This step is to remove some of the surface dust. Second, you can take a closer look at the cracks in your bamboo keyboard, and then use a brush (a small brush attached to a clean computer screen can be used) to clean up some of the dirt.


If the above steps are not completely clear of the dust between the interiorts of the keypad, then we can help with the efficacy of the blower, the gear must not be opened wide, and the blower nozzle is allowed to switch to the effect of the cold air, the blower nozzle will be at a distance of 10 cm from the keyboard, and the blowing will be about 1 minute to 2 minutes to see the dust cleaning degree.


Remove the dust from the bamboo product keyboard, it is the dirt on the surface of bamboo products. Dip in the right amount of glycerin (the glycerin of the 100 birds, cheap amount) on the keyboard surface. glycerine can dissolve some greasy dirt, but also can make bamboo products more luster.


After wiping glycerin, you can see where you need to clean again and repeat the steps. After finishing all the cleaning work, you can apply a thin layer of varnish or wood oil on the surface. However, considering the special features of the keyboard, the application of the keys on the keyboard should be applied according to your own needs.

Above is the method of cleaning the bamboo keyboard. Do you remember it?