How to clean the Bamboo keyboard
30 July 04

Now people's environmental awareness is getting stronger and stronger. Many of the office mouse keyboards have long been replaced with environmentally friendly bamboo keyboards, bamboo mice, but ordinary keyboard cleaning methods, we all know a little, but our bamboo keyboard The cleaning method, you know?

bamboo keyboard .jpg

The tools and raw materials you need

hair dryer

Small brush

Glycerin/Tung oil

cleaning cloth

Clear water



First of all, the bamboo keyboard in the market is not as easy to dirty or difficult to clean (wash) as a normal plastic keyboard. We first disassemble the battery on the bamboo keyboard to prevent the circuit in the gap from damaging the circuit with water mist.

How to clean the Bamboo keyboard

2. Then we take a small brush (a small brush that can be used to clean the computer screen set can be used) first carefully brush the cracks of the bamboo keyboard again, the direction of the keyboard remember this direction down, so that dust or debris will fall Go down rather than hide deeper. In the gap between the dirt, it is very difficult to clean, some solid dirt can be slowly picked out with a toothpick, but we must remember not to use excessive force to damage the keyboard.

How to clean the Bamboo keyboard


If you think that the above steps are troublesome, you can also use a brush to brush one side of the hand while one is holding a hair dryer to blow the cool air against the cracks in the keyboard so that dust can't escape!


After we clean the dirt inside, we can quickly and easily remove the stains on the surface of the bamboo keyboard. Hold the cleaning cloth (usually the kind of eyeglass cloth, not a clean rag) and wipe it with a small amount of water. Cap, and shell, etc., and then dry with a hair dryer can be dried.


[This step is optional]

Of course, if you have conditions, you can also wipe the appearance of the bamboo keyboard with glycerin/tung oil after cleaning. This will make your bamboo keyboard glossy, and it is not easy to attach stains.


Remember to blow dry