How to clean the newly bought Bamboo Salad Bowls?
30 July 04

1. Do not pour boiling water directly when you first use it to avoid cracking inside and outside the bamboo due to uneven heat. Please do not store water for a long time in bamboo, because bamboo is afraid of long-time blisters! The inner layer of bamboo is valuable bamboo clothes, please try not to scrub with something like detergent, please wash clean after each use and dry.

2. Soak in light salt water for 3 hours, then cook with clean water for about 30 minutes to prevent bamboo mold, insects and cracking.

3. There is a simple method is: When not in use for a long time, can be dried (with bamboo surface is not wet and wet) sealed with a plastic bag, you can put a moisture-proof bag.

4. The best way is to use it regularly, so that bamboo utensils can be bright and natural.