How to deal with the deformed bamboo cutting board?
30 July 04

Because bamboo chopping boards are natural products, they tend to absorb moisture easily. If the moisture absorption on both sides is not uniform, the cutting board will be bent and deformed, which is more likely to occur when the cutting board is first used. The bent cutting board can be effectively corrected by the following method.


First place the cutting board in water for 24 hours, then remove and place the soaked cutting board on a flat surface. Then take a flat surface equal to or larger than the cutting board and press it on the cutting board. The weight is not enough. You can add something else to increase the weight and press it until the cutting board is flat, so that it is pressed until the wet board is completely dry, and the things on the cutting board are taken down. The cutting board is naturally flat. You can try.

It is forbidden to put the cutting board on the heat source for drying and direct exposure to sunlight! Otherwise, severe deformation or even cracking or breaking may occur.

There is a very practical way to both prevent cracking and prevent mildew:

In the first step, put ginger and garlic juice on both sides of the cutting board and let it dry.

In the second step, put vinegar on both sides of the cutting board and let it dry.

In the third step, the dried chopping board is topped with high-quality edible vegetable oil.