How to disinfect the cutting board - hot water disinfection
30 July 04

How to disinfect the cutting board The most practical four kinds of disinfection methods

Every day, we must use cutting board (chopping board) to cook and chop the dish. After we finish the meal, we wipe the chopping board. In fact, by observing, there are as many as 200,000 bacteria per square centimeter on the surface of the cutting board. A pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of the cutting board can not be ignored. How to disinfect the cutting board?

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First wash the plate with iron brushes and brush and wash it again with boiling hot water. Because most bacteria die at 100 degrees, the boiling water can disinfect. For tableware, high temperature boiling is the most common method of disinfection. However, in order to truly achieve the effect of high-temperature sterilization, two conditions must be met: one is the temperature of the action, and the other is the time of action. Most of the bacteria that cause acute diarrhea are likely to die at 100°C for 1-3 minutes or 80°C for 10 minutes. Therefore, boiling water before eating bowls, due to the lack of role of temperature and time, only kill a small number of microorganisms, and can not guarantee the killing of most pathogenic microorganisms. To achieve results, boiling, steaming, or using an infrared-sterilized cupboard are all options. If boiled, in order to be truly sterilized, it must be cooked for a while. Infrared sterilizers usually last 15-30 minutes.