How to distinguish the quality of chopping board
30 July 04


When choosing a cutting board, more people will choose wooden cutting boards because they are naturally added and will be relatively safe to use. But not all wood is suitable for the production of cutting boards. Some wood is harmful to the human body. Cutting board wholesale here for everyone to spread the relevant knowledge.

     The toughness of wood cutting board is very strong, it is very firm and has a long service life, so everyone will give priority to purchase. However, some woods are not suitable for making chopping boards. Like wubaimu, it contains poisonous substances and has an odor. Using it to make chopping boards, the cut vegetables will be contaminated and it is easy to cause symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and brain swelling. There are relatively loose wood cutting boards, cutting board wholesale does not recommend the use of small series, like poplar cutting board, because the hardness is not large enough, it is very easy to crack when cutting food, the surface produces a lot of cracks, if not timely clean If you do, it can contain filth, breed bacteria, and contaminate food.