How to do when wooden cutting boards cut sawdust?
30 July 04

Sawdust on a cutting board is harmful to human health.


       After the cutting board is used for a period of time, the wood chips on the cutting board can be scraped off by a kitchen knife, or shaved with a wood plane, so that the cutting board dirt can be completely removed, and the cutting board can be kept flat and easy to use.

       Because the wooden cutting board has patchwork or wormholes, it is easy to breed bacteria, so it is necessary to wash or pour soup with boiling water to keep the cutting board clean and sanitary.

       During the hot summer months, the air is wet and the cutting board is very prone to mildew. Therefore, each time you use up the cutting board, wipe it with a clean cloth and place it in a ventilated place to dry.

       If the cutting board has been made of old mold, you can put the cutting board in the rice water or put detergent to scrub, and then wash it with clean water, and stand in a ventilated place to dry, but do not put the wet board under the sunlight easily. Exposure to prevent its deformation, and affect the use.

       Cutting board should pay attention to disinfection, disinfection methods can have the following:

       1 Washing and Disinfection: Wash the surface and crevices of the cutting board with a hard brush and clean water, then rinse with 100°C water.

       2 sunlight disinfection: ultraviolet rays in the sun have the role of killing bacteria, cutting board should be placed under the sun when not in use, this can not only kill bacteria, but also can make the cutting board dry and reduce bacterial growth.

       3 salt disinfection: each time after using the cutting board, must use a knife to scrape the residue on the board surface, every 6 to 7 days sprinkle a layer of salt on the board surface, this will not only not only kill bacteria, but also Prevent cutting boards from cracking.