How to ensure the health of the cutting board
30 July 04

The cutting board is a must to be used in our lives, and the cutting board manufacturer reminds us that it must be ensured at the same time that it is used.

It should be cooked and cooked separately, because there are more bacteria and parasite eggs on lettuce, so the cutting board will inevitably be contaminated. If you then use this kind of cutting board to cut cooked food, it will make cooked food pollution, so it is best to prepare two pieces Cutting board. After the traditional cutting board is used, brush it with a hard brush and clean water to wash away dirt and sawdust. If fish, meat, etc. are left smelling, wash with rice water or detergent containing salt, and then use. Wash in warm water. Do not use scalding hot water, because the protein in the meat remains on the cutting board, it will solidify when it is hot, it is not easy to wash.

If it is a bamboo cutting board, after being used for a period of time, a kitchen knife can be used to scrape wood shavings on the cutting board, or planing with a wood plane to completely remove the cutting board dirt and keep the cutting board flat and easy to use.