How to maintain our bamboo products?
30 July 04

Method one

Like cabinets, bookshelves, recliners, and other bamboo furniture, it's usually to remove the dirt from the crevices, and wash it off with fresh water. Especially for temporary unused bamboo utensils, more should be clean, dry, and then put dry, drafty place. Done sufficient preparation, conditional can be bought back at a bamboo products, is coated with varnish, tung oil. In this way, it can be mothproof, durable and aesthetically please. The newly purchased small and medium sized bamboo wares, such as basket and mat, are best to be steamed and treated with high temperature sealing steam.


Method two

After steaming for 2-3 hours, you can completely destroy the insects and microorganisms hidden in the bamboo. You can also use boiling water and a certain amount of salt to soak the bamboo for 1-2 days, and can also prevent the moth. If you find a wormhole, you can use the following method to remove the worm: one is to use the right amount of the pepper or the flower pepper, to break down to the end, to get into the cavity, and to flush it with boiling water, and the effect of the kill bug, to prevent the spread of the wormhole; The second is to use kerosene and a trace of the enemy to mix well, drip into the wormhole, also can kill the moth. But this method is not suitable for use in basket, ambry to store food bamboo, in case of accident.


Methou three

The physical methods mainly include high temperature method, immersion method, smoke method, air conditioning method, far-infrared ray method, microwave method and ray method. The advantages of these methods are non-pollution and five detoxification. The disadvantage is that the treated bamboo or bamboo product, if not properly stored, is likely to re-infect the moth and mold. In addition, in the spring of bamboo is easy to eat by moth, winter logging of bamboo timber was hard to eat by moth, so bamboo cutting should be arranged as soon as possible in the winter. Moreover, the bamboo material after logging should be transported to the production site as soon as possible for use, or the moth proofing and moth-proofing should be adopted to reduce the moth and mildew.


Method four

Chemical methods include coating method, immersion method, cooking method, fumigation method and pressure injection method. The good thing about these methods is that they're good at proofing and embalming, long time, and the downside is that some of the drugs are toxic, and it's easy to contaminate the product and the environment. And with the increasing awareness of the environmental awareness, the environmental requirements and standards of the bamboo repellent, preservatives, and anti-mold are getting higher and higher, as Europe has banned the use of CCA, PCP and other preservatives, and the main use of the preservatives is the CCB, CCF, and ACQ.