How to maintain the bamboo bathroom cabinet
30 July 04

The primary considerations of bathroom furniture are the waterproof properties of the substrate material. In the bathroom furniture that is dominated by plates and solid wood, if a company with a unique heart creates a new material that is both waterproof and antiseptic, elegant and beautiful, it is healthy and environmentally friendly. With new ideas for bathroom design and new consumer choices, the quality of the whole bamboo has triggered a new revolution in the bathroom waterproofing.


Tools / raw materials

The bathroom cabinet uses bamboo as its base material, cleverly uses the excellent physical properties of bamboo, and combines domestic and foreign exquisite craftsmanship to highlight the originality of the design and the quality of life.

Bamboo has excellent physical properties, has a strong hardness (hardness better than oak) and toughness, and has good stability, and has a longer service life than wooden bathroom furniture, so it is more suitable for use in bathroom than other wood products.

The bamboo sheet is not only natural in color, but also flexible in material and comfortable in living quality. It is non-toxic and harmless. The amount of formaldehyde released is almost zero. It is a very healthy and environmentally friendly sheet. The proprietary carbonation extraction technology extracts and separates the oil and sugar from bamboo materials to enhance the waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, environmental-friendly, and anti-deformation properties of bamboo materials.


1, bamboo products, the most taboo locusts and termites, varnish and cooked on the surface of cooked tung oil is an effective recipe to prevent these two dangerous enemies. The

2. Avoid using sharps, heavy objects to impact and rub the sheet surface, and do not allow strong corrosive solvents to contaminate. The

3, try to keep the surface clean after use, so as not to breed bacteria bugs.