How to maintain the bamboo furniture
30 July 04

Bamboo furniture maintenance

1.Dry and ventilated

Because of the particularity of bamboo furniture, so to place in a dry place, if often on the wet, dark place, will be due to moisture on microbial breeding beneficial, prone to mildew. Especially for the temporary use of bamboo utensils, should be washed, dry, and then set aside dry, ventilated place to save.

2.Furniture painted

If have good conditional, you can just buy back bamboo furniture, it painted varnish, which can pevent pest, but also durable and make it beautiful.

3.Avoid friction

Avoid sharp objects, heavy objects impact and friction plate surface, do not let strong corrosive solvents contaminated. Floor material for bamboo flooring This can place a shoe pad at the door, but must keep the shoe pad clean.

4.Pevent pest

Can be used to squeeze the amount of pepper or pepper, mashed into the end, stuffed into the hole, and with boiling water, both insecticidal and can prevent insects spread.

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