How to maintain the whole bamboo cutting board?
30 July 04


 1. For the first time using a bamboo cutting board, first rinse with clean water, and then dry the surface of the bamboo cutting board with edible oil. After the edible oil is absorbed and appears shiny, it can be used normally. Remember, don't soak in water!

 2. If you use it regularly, you can buy two cutting boards. Raw and cooked meat can be used separately to reduce the cross breeding of food bacteria.

 3. Each time the bamboo cutting board is used, it must be washed and dried, placed vertically on the cutting board rack, and placed in a ventilated and dry place.

 4. The bamboo cutting board must not be exposed to the sun, and cooking or immersing it in water for a long time, nor can it be sterilized in the sterilizing cabinet; in addition, it is not dishwasher safe.

 5. Regularly apply a layer of edible oil on the surface of the bamboo cutting board to moisten the bamboo fiber, which will be used for longer.

 6. After long-term use, the bamboo chopping board is mixed with fishy odor and can be cleaned with lemon and coarse salt.

 7. In view of the differences between wet and dry areas in the north and the south, it is recommended that the use of bamboo cutting boards in the north should be kept within a certain temperature to prevent cracking. In the south, the use of bamboo cutting boards should be kept as dry as possible to prevent moldiness.

 8. The bamboo chopping board has been treated with too greasy food. It is recommended to use hot water to continuously brush to quickly remove oil. It is forbidden to use pot brushes.

 9. If there are mold spots on the bamboo cutting board, white vinegar can be blended in a ratio of 1:2. When it is boiled, it can be used to soak the moldy spots, or it can be directly applied to the moldy spots, dried and then coated with a layer of paint. Cooking oil.