How to prevent cracking from the bamboo cutting board?
30 July 04

 Now bamboo cutting board is getting more and more popular. How to prevent cracking of bamboo cutting board, there is still stress. Here's how to maintain the bamboo cutting board.


1. Maintenance: Newly purchased bamboo chopping board can be used after normal opening. Round bamboo cutting board in order to extend the service life, be sure to keep the board moist, and rotate on both sides of the use, such as the loose board surface can be soaked with warm water for 1 to 10 minutes, do not soak for too long or boiled. The chopping board hangs out in a ventilated place.

2, cutting board classification: In order to avoid cross-infection, bamboo cutting board can be eaten raw food, cut cooked food. After each type of food has been processed, it is thoroughly cleaned and the next type of food is cut. If you cut meat, wash it with warm water.

3. To prevent cracking of the chopping block, immediately apply oil after buying the new chopping block. The practice is: Apply oil to the lower and both sides of the cutting board, wait until the oil has dried and then paint it. Apply it three or four times.

The periphery of the cutting board is easy to crack, and it can be repeatedly painted several times, and it can be used after being dried. After this treatment, the cutting board is less prone to cracks. Because the oil has strong penetration and is not volatile, it can moisten the wood for a long time and prevent the cutting board from bursting. The oil coating also has antiseptic function and the cutting board is also durable.

4. Do not use detergent to clean, because the cleaning solution will infiltrate into the cutting board, which will cause the mold to become rotten in the long term. It is not hygienic to use the food.

5, if the chopping board has been treated with heavy oil, you can use hot water constantly brushing quickly to the oil. (Remember not to use a pot brush.)

6, note that the chopping board should not be placed in direct sunlight, avoid excessive drying of the cutting board and cracking

Rinse thoroughly every time you use it in a well-ventilated area to avoid excessive humidity