How to remove mold on bamboo cutting board
30 July 04


During the hot summer season, the air is damp and the cutting board is prone to mildew. Therefore, each time you use up the cutting board, clean it with a clean cloth and place it in a well-ventilated place to dry. If the contact surface is not well ventilated, the cutting board can easily become moldy and black. So we can put the bamboo chopping block on a bowl-like vessel with a small contact surface but it can also support the cutting board. The cutting board will not be moldy.

The best way to remove mold spots from bamboo chopsticks is to use a stainless steel clean wire for cleaning the pots and bowls. But there are mold spots on the cutting board. If it is a shallow mold, you can use the above method, but if the wood cutting board is easy to infiltrate the mold, then it is necessary to shave a small layer with a plane. The chopsticks and chopping boards that have cleared the mildew must be flushed with water. Washing or cooking with water will reduce mold spots, but it will not completely remove mold spots, and it is also very effective to wash with salt water.

If the cutting board has been made of old mold, you can put the cutting board in the rice water or put detergent to scrub, and then wash it with clean water, and stand in a ventilated place to dry, but do not put the wet board under the sunlight easily. Exposure to prevent its deformation, and affect the use.

Of course, there are some tips to keep the cutting board from getting moldy:

Washing method, use hard brush and water to wash the dishes again, germs can be reduced by one third, if you use boiling water again, the remaining bacteria are rare; each time after using the cutting board, will be on the cutting board Scrap the residue and keep the salt on the cutting board once a week. Disinfect with UV light and expose the cutting board to sunlight for more than 30 minutes (this method must be taken care of because the excessive exposure will crack the cutting board); Chemistry Disinfect, add one kilogram of water to benzalkonium bromide 50 ml soak the cutting board for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water.