How to remove oil wax on the surface of cutting board
30 July 04

According to the cutting board wholesaler, the newly purchased iron and wood dishes must be cleaned because the wax on the surface prevents the wood from cracking.

     First wash off the surface of the wax, it must be soaked in brine for a day, brine is to boil water, add salt and heat, has been added until no longer melted. The purpose of using salt water to soak the day is to allow salt to accumulate on the surface of the wood. Salt absorbs moisture and prevents dry cracking of the wood. After soaking the surface of the vegetable dumpling, use a hot pot of oil to cool it to about 70 degrees. Spread the surface of the cutting board and let it stand for a while. Let it dry before using it.

     In addition, we must remind everyone that a good cutting board is also well-maintained in daily life, so we must pay attention to it.

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