How to repair cracked pine cutting board
30 July 04

 If the pine cutting board is not cracked prior to use, cracking is likely to occur after a period of use. Once cracked, how do you handle it? Let the cutting board manufacturer give you a brief introduction.

     Due to the soft wood and easy cracking and deformation of pine wood, the high moisture content can easily lead to cracking. Therefore, due to the constant change of dryness, humidity and heat, Cai Dunzi often breaks. After the opening, fresh pigskin is used. It is affixed to the side of the crack and nailed at both ends. As time passes, the pigskin gradually dries and tightens. , the gap will gradually be closed.

     I hope that the above method can help you, so everyone later discovered that after the pine wood pier cracked, it can be repaired by this method.

pine cutting board .jpg