How to solve the blackening of the cutting board
30 July 04

Bamboo cutting board  (3).jpg

Blacking phenomenon occurs when the cutting board is used. Once the cutting board is dark, it will have a certain impact on its use. So, is there any good way to prevent this method? The following cutting board manufacturers for everyone to troubleshoot.

     First of all, the moldy blackness was caused by the lack of reasonable placement after use. The used chopping board is often damp and should be wiped clean with a clean cloth. The chopping board is placed on a bowl-like utensil. The small contact surface can also support the chopping board. So your cutting board will never be moldy again. If the cutting board has been made of old mildew, you can scrub the cutting board in the paddy rice water or put the detergent, then wash it with clean water, and stand in a ventilated place to dry.

     Therefore, it is best to prepare two cutting boards. And pay attention to the cutting board for a period of time, use a kitchen knife to scrape the wood chips on the cutting board, so that the cutting board dirt is completely removed, and can keep the cutting board flat and easy to use.