Lazy people have lazy table - iPad rotating table
30 July 04

The iPad has become more and more popular, and some young people will see it on the subway and use books to read comics. In fact, something that appeals to the iPhone, with a larger monitor, is awesome.



However, users who have used them for a long time will find that they have been holding it for a long time. The arm "rat" will feel sore and need to change hands from time to time. In view of this, I designed a table for the iPad named Cradle at home. Cradle is made of bamboo, light weight, and the middle position of the iPad is made of soft rubber that can be rotated, and the table base is more cushioned, so that when the user wants to put the table on the thigh, it also has a comfortable feeling. .QQ截图20180515143639.jpgQQ截图20180515143634.jpg