Love cooking, exquisite life, this cutting board you deserve
30 July 04

Bamboo cutting board

There are actually two kinds of bamboo cutting board, one is common splicing cutting board, bamboo splicing together with glue together.

There is a difference between the fact that the whole bamboo chopping board, the bamboo spread out, as a panel material, the actual or to a bamboo fiber processing as a cutting board.

This type of advantage is due to bamboo fiber toughness, hardness after processing, so resistant to chopping, easy to clean, it is not very moldy smell.

bamboo cutting board.jpg

Wooden cutting board

Wood cutting board is also a very common type, of which the more common is that the meat market vendors see the kind of "tree pier", the basic is a direct deal with the wood a little bit, so the quality of the wood itself is very important.

The advantage is that cost-effective, good durability, casually toss, blade protection is decent, cut things feel more comfortable, overall better than bamboo cutting board.

wood cutting board 24.jpg