Maintenance of rubber wood cutting board before use - salt bubble method
30 July 04

Second, the salt bubble method. Salt can increase the density of wood products, and can decompose most of the oil inside the wood products, making it difficult to dry, easy to clean the surface.

rubber wood cutting board (1).jpg

The specific approach is: fill a large pot with water, submerge the cutting board, and then add edible salt in the water, add about 10 grams per kilogram of water, stir well, put the cutting board into the water, and use heavy objects to press it under water. Soaking time is controlled at 8-10 hours. After the chopping board is removed, rinse it with clean water and dry it with water. Pour the appropriate amount of peanut oil evenly on the cutting board so that the grease on the surface of the cutting board can reach the saturated state. In the subsequent use process, no grease or other substances will penetrate the cutting board again, maintaining the cleanliness of the cutting board and making it easy to clean. Then, the coated cutting board is wrapped in a plastic bag and placed flat in a dry place. The next day, the cutting board can be used.