New bamboo cutting boards, how to maintain it will not crack, mildew?
30 July 04

In recent years, wooden cutting board in the kitchen of the people has a tendency to gradually be replaced by bamboo cutting boards. As compared with traditional wooden cutting board, bamboo cutting boards is not deformed, not crack, not falling and so on. The current production of bamboo cutting boards are circles and squares in two ways. Bamboo cutting board made of high quality bamboo molding pressure, outsourcing metal outer ring, has the characteristic of not falling, strength, surface of pads for soft and hard. Hotel special series thickened piers of bamboo, try life is four times more than wooden cutting piers. Bamboo cutting board appearance of generosity, use light, not falling, available on both sides, a great choice for ordinary families to enjoy cooking.

A bamboo cutting board needs careful maintenance of the material well, and handled the food health and prolong the life of cutting boards.

1, maintenance: normal wash new bamboo cutting boards after the package is opened. Bamboo cutting boards in order to prolong the service life, be sure to keep the surface moist and rotate on both sides, if Pan is loose under the circumstances 1-10-minute soak in warm water, do not soak too long or boiled. Cutting boards finished with the best hang to dry in a ventilated place.

2, block categories: to avoid cross infection, bamboo cutting boards cutting raw food, one for cutting cooked food. Every type of food is processed immediately fully cleaned, then a class of food cutting. If meat, wash it with warm water.

3, to prevent cracking the chopping block, after buying new cutting boards and should be basted. By: chopping block up and down both sides and around grease oil drained again, three or four times.

Around the chopping block is easy to crack and can be repeatedly painted more than once, after the oil is ready to use. After this treatment, chopping block is not easy to crack. Because of penetrability, and less volatile, you can moisturize the wood for a long time, can prevent the chopping block-burst. Grease as well as anti-corrosion features, cutting boards and therefore durable.

4, do not use detergent to clean, because the cleaning fluid will penetrate to the chopping block, can lead to cutting board rotten for a long time, food was unsanitary.

5, such as chopping boards for handling oils heavy food, hot water constantly available to scrub the oil quickly. (Remember do not use pot brush. )