Non-stick spatula is best made of bamboo
30 July 04

Non-stick non-stick when it is indeed very good and convenient, but once used incorrectly, such as cleaning methods are not correct, too much metal power shovel, angular bumps, it will cause non-stick damage, then back to become, very Stick pan.


In order to use the pot for a long time, it is recommended to use a wooden spatula and bamboo spatula. Never use sharp objects - shovel spaghetti. This will destroy the pot life. The shovel is more likely to damage the bottom surface of the pan, and the characteristics of the non-stick pan will not exist for a long time. Or buy a bamboo spatula to cook, protect the pot, pot long life, not all pans require the use of a wooden shovel. This mainly depends on the pot material. If it is a coated pan, then it will require the use of a bamboo-wood spatula, otherwise it will scratch or damage the coating surface during the long-term frying, thus reducing the pot's Service life.


During the non-stick cooking process, care should be taken not to add cold water when the pan is hot. This can easily cause the coating to peel off. The newly purchased non-stick pan must not be cleaned with a clean iron ball when cooking. Use it when cooking. Scoop the wooden scoop and fry the meat, then use the oil to boil the pan before frying the meat: Pour the pan into the oil and heat it. Rotate the pan so that it can be burned around. When the oil is very hot, turn off the heat and cool it. Then repeat the above steps one more time. After normal use, it should not stick.

There is a non-stick friend suggested that you buy a bamboo spade, because a bamboo spade can not afford a few dollars, and buy a non-stick pan to buy a number of bamboo spades. And the use of bamboo spade can prolong the life of the pot, and bamboo itself is antibacterial and antibacterial.

However, some friends stopped because of Hsinchu shovel's astringency. The newly purchased bamboo spatula was boiled in alkaline water for 10 minutes, not only disinfecting but also not easily cracking.