PREMIUM bamboo cutting board & professional heavy duty butcher block w/ juice groove - extra larg...
30 July 04

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SIZE MATTERS – When it comes to Butcher Block Cutting Boards, BIGGER & THICKER is Better! Compare our Bamboo Board's Size to Competing Brands: 17" x 13" x 1.5" and 7 lbs. Thickness is Ideal to Use as a Butcher Block and for Everyday Kitchen Chopping.

LONGER LASTING – The Only Butcher Block Cutting Board You’ll Ever Need to Buy! Bamboo Boards are Lighter than Most Wooden Boards, but Extremely HARD, DURABLE & SCRATCH RESISTANT. It’s Dense Enough for Safe Chopping, while Soft Enough to Not Cause Knife Damage. Designed for Use by Professional Chefs and Home Cookings.

BYE-BYE BACTERIA – Bamboo is Naturally Non-Porous and Resistant to Bacteria. It’s also EASY TO CLEAN! Unlike Wooden Cutting Boards, Our Bamboo Butcher Block Doesn’t Absorb Liquids as Easily and Won’t Soak in Food Odors or Stains, Making it Less Prone to Cracking and Warping. Toxin Free and FDA Certified for Use with Food.

CHOOSE BAMBOO – Environmentalists Choose Bamboo Cutting Boards because they are EARTH FRIENDLY. Unlike Trees, Bamboo Restores Itself within 3 to 5 Years. Unlike Plastic, it is a Biodegradable, Sustainable, Renewable Resource that Needs NO CHEMICALS to Thrive or to be Harvested.

CUSTOMER GUARANTEE – OUR CUSTOMERS PRAISE OUR SERVICE! YOU, the Customer, are Our Top Priority. Read the Honest Reviews for Yourself. Backed by a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, SoulFino will Replace Your Butcher Block in the Unlikely Event of a Complication. ADD SoulFino's BAMBOO CUTTING BOARDS TO YOUR SHOPPING CART Today for a RISK-FREE Culinary Experience!