Personal cutting board manufacturing process
30 July 04

The chopping board, also known as the cutting board, is not unfamiliar to the chopping board and is one of the basic tools commonly used in home kitchens. The cutting board is made of wood and plastic. But most of them are ordinary styles and they don't seem to have any intention. In order to make your kitchen more personal, let the kitchen become an elegant thing. Interested friends learn to do it together.

Main material:

Oak board, iron board, table saw, grinding machine, wood planer, F clamp, non-toxic solvent-free wood glue, etc.

Production steps:

Today, a carpenter's master brought a tutorial on a chopping board. This chopping board first made a strip of wooden bar to make a piece of colored strips of wood, and then used a table saw to cut the chopping pieces of the chopping board, and then glued the pieces together. Get up and finish a process of oiling and hurry to see it.


Step 1: Cut the wood

Looking for some oak and ironwood blocks in the small warehouse, prepare the cutting board with these two kinds of wood. One is that this kind of wood is very suitable for making chopping boards, and the other is that the chopping boards made of two different colors of wood feel good. The length of the wood board is not less than 115cm, the thickness is about 3cm, and the width requirement is not less than 3.5cm. According to the design requirements, it is finally necessary to cut 16 wooden strips of 115*3.5*3cm.


Step 2: Make a Plank

First cut the wood with a wooden planer planing the surface of the wood, and clean up the wood on the wood and dust. The treated square wood was then discharged onto the F clip, and two of the iron and wood strands were placed on the fifth and eleventh (as shown in the figure). After fixing the position, apply glue on both sides of the wood and fix it with F clips.